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Rob Allen Moana Speargun

Experience a fusion of power, precision, and style with the Rob Allen Moana, a sleek and high-performing speargun designed to conquer the waters. Featuring twin 14mm hot pink rubbers, this speargun strikes a balance between potency and manageable loading.

Key Features:

Bold Design: Aptly named after the Maori word for "Ocean," the Moana flaunts a striking camouflage pattern accented with vivid pink and purple, ensuring visibility and style.
Powerful Performance: Engineered for power, accuracy, and durability, the Moana delivers an outstanding underwater experience, offering both striking visuals and exceptional functionality.
Aluminum Rail Barrel: Crafted from heavy-duty aluminum, the rail barrel minimizes flex, increasing accuracy for precise shots, a hallmark of Rob Allen's commitment to performance.
Vecta Trigger Mechanism: Equipped with the latest Vecta handle and trigger, boasting a lifetime warranty, ensuring reliability and ease of use.
Versatile Rubber Setup: Twin 14mm hot pink rubbers deliver significant power and can be easily adjusted down to a single rubber for close-range action. The 14mm rubber, when loaded correctly, offers manageable loading without compromising power.
Corrosion-Resistant Shaft: Features a 7mm spring steel shaft with zinc coating to reduce corrosion, double notches, and a factory-tuned heavy-duty barb and tri-cut tip for maximum penetration.
Low Profile Muzzle: Incorporates a heavy-duty glass-filled nylon open muzzle, enhancing performance while maintaining a sleek profile.
Comprehensive Rigging: Comes equipped with a heavy-duty gun bungee with a snap clip and rigged with 400lb monofilament, ensuring readiness for your underwater pursuits.

Available in sizes ranging from 70cm to 120cm, the Rob Allen Moana is your go-to choice for a powerful, accurate, and visually striking speargun designed to elevate your underwater adventures.

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