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Rob Allen Scorpia Speargun

Introducing the Rob Allen Scorpia, the spearfisher's ultimate ally for embarking on their underwater hunting journey. While labeled as an entry-level gun, don't be fooled—this sleek hunting partner boasts a lineage of world records and a knockout punch that rivals its top-tier counterparts.

Unleash Unrivaled Power:
Equipped with the same 16mm bands found in the highest echelons of spearfishing weaponry, the Scorpia delivers an impressive wallop that belies its entry-level classification.

Built to Last:
Forged from aviation-grade aluminum instead of plastic, the Scorpia stands tall in durability and ruggedness. Unfazed by harsh conditions, this gun thrives in challenging environments, making it a trusted companion for shore divers season after season.

Serious Internals:
Don't underestimate what lies within. The Scorpia houses the same internal mechanics as the esteemed Rob Allen fleet, ensuring no compromise in power, reliability, or resilience.

Versatile and Powerful:
Embraced by surfers, anglers, and newcomers alike, its shorter lengths make it a stellar backup for cave and hole hunting, offering affordability without sacrificing sheer power.

Tailored Performance:
Available in various lengths from 70cm to 120cm, fueled by a single 16mm band, and firing a 6.6mm tri-cut springer steel spear for unparalleled penetration.

Features at a Glance:

Single 16mm band for formidable shooting prowess.
6.6mm tri-cut springer steel spear, denser than stainless steel for enhanced impact.
Aviation-grade aluminum barrel, 1mm thick, ensuring robustness and endurance.
Mechanism crafted from glass-reinforced nylon for unwavering reliability.
Single-wrapped heavy-duty shooting mono, 2mm thick, boasting a 400lb breaking strain for added durability.

Experience the Scorpia—where affordability meets top-tier quality, making your spearfishing endeavors a force to be reckoned with.

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