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Rob Allen Snapper Evo Mask Black

Rob Allen Snapper EVO Mask: Precision for Deep Diving

Crafted for reef fish hunting and deep diving, the Rob Allen Snapper EVO Mask delivers:

Enhanced Vision and Comfort:

Twin Lenses: Optimal for deep dives, providing clear vision for underwater hunting and exploration.

Comfortable Fit: Features an anti-allergic latex skirt and a wide split strap, ensuring superior comfort even during extended dives.

Improved Performance Underwater:

Reduced Volume: Integrated frame, lens, and skirt minimize volume, bringing the lens closer for enhanced peripheral vision.

Hydrodynamic Profile: Designed for reduced turbulence during resurfacing after deep dives, offering a streamlined experience.

Convenient Adjustability:

Pivot Buckles: Allow quick and easy strap adjustment, even with gloves on, ensuring a secure fit underwater.
Discover Deep Diving Precision:

The Rob Allen Snapper EVO Mask is your companion for deep-sea explorations, offering clarity, comfort, and precision for your underwater adventures.

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