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Rob Allen Snapper Mask Black

Rob Allen Snapper Diving Mask: Precision Crafted for Spearfishing

Join the league of spearfishing aficionados with the Rob Allen Snapper Diving Mask, a testament to durability, precision, and underwater prowess.

Crafted for Performance:

Advanced Silicone Skirt: Engineered with 100% black liquid silicone skirting, known for its durability and superior seal to the face, ensuring comfort and a secure fit.

Strap Buckles: Featuring easy squeeze-release buckles attached to the mask skirting for effortless strap length adjustments. The split design of the straps evenly distributes pressure over the head.

Designed for Spearfishing Excellence:

Low Volume Advantage: Perfect for spearfishermen and freedivers, the low volume design minimizes air usage during equalization and provides a wider field of vision with lenses closer to the eyes.

Black Silicone Skirting: Blocks peripheral light, allowing clearer direct line of sight, ideal for enhancing focus when targeting fish.

Unique Construction for Efficiency:

Integrated Leather-Finish Frame: The frame integrated into the skirting reduces drag and internal mask volume, ensuring a compact, hydrodynamic profile underwater.
Tailored Options for Enhanced Experience:

Tinted Lens Variant: Also available with tinted lenses, reducing surface glare and shading eyes for improved visibility underwater.
Unleash Your Spearfishing Potential:

Experience precision, comfort, and enhanced focus with the Rob Allen Snapper Diving Mask, crafted for spearfishing and freediving enthusiasts seeking a competitive edge underwater.

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