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Rob Allen Trevally Mask Black

Rob Allen Trevally Mask: Unmatched Vision and Comfort

Meet the demands of broader and average face types with the Rob Allen Trevally Mask, tailored for exceptional vision and ease underwater.

Optimized Field of Vision:

Frameless Design: Unveil unparalleled vision with a frameless design that enhances your field of view compared to standard masks, offering remarkable visibility underwater.
Effortless Diving Experience:

Low Volume Construction: Designed for easy clearing and equalization, the mask's low volume allows for effortless diving experiences.

Enhanced Vision: The mask's frameless design positions the face deeper and the lens closer to the eyes, providing improved all-round vision.

Comfort and Performance:

Soft Black Silicone Skirt: Crafted for comfort and a superior seal, ensuring a snug fit against the face for extended underwater pursuits.

Easy Adjustment: Features easy-to-adjust buckles for quick and hassle-free customization according to your comfort preferences.

Quality Construction:

Tempered Glass Lens: Equipped with a durable tempered glass lens for clear and reliable vision in diverse underwater conditions.
Experience Enhanced Visibility:

The Rob Allen Trevally Mask combines comfort, enhanced field of vision, and low volume for an unmatched underwater experience, tailored to meet the needs of broader face types.

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