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Rovex 10x Monofilament Fishing Leader 100m

Rovex 10X Mono Leader employs cutting-edge polymer bonding technology, setting a new standard for heavy-duty monofilament nylon leaders. This exceptional leader line offers up to 10 times the abrasion resistance of counterparts in the same diameter range, ensuring durability and reliability that serious saltwater anglers demand. From flathead to barramundi, giant trevally to billfish, this leader is built to endure the rugged battles against diverse gamefish.

Engineered with extensive development, the 10X Mono Leader seamlessly blends a rugged exterior with user-friendly handling. Tying secure knots becomes effortless with its exceptional knot and crimp strength, perfect for various heavy-duty sport and game fishing applications.


10 Times More Abrasion Resistance
Heavy-Duty Monofilament
Excellent Knot Strength
Available in nine leader strengths, ranging from 20lb (0.45mm) to 200lb (1.4mm) across 100m spools, the Rovex 10X Mono Leader assures unmatched durability when your fishing endeavors demand a hardwearing leader.

MODEL CODE length line strength DIAMETER (mm)
10X Mono Leader 100m 20lb 0.45mm
10X Mono Leader 100m 30lb 0.50mm
10X Mono Leader 100m 40lb 0.60mm
10X Mono Leader 100m 50lb 0.65mm
10X Mono Leader 100m 60lb 0.70mm
10X Mono Leader 100m 80lb 0.80mm
10X Mono Leader 100m 100lb 0.90mm
10X Mono Leader 100m 150lb 1.2mm

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