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Rovex D8 Depth Finder Braided Fishing Line Multi Colour 300yds

Rovex D:8 Depth Finder Braid is the angler's go-to choice for tackling deeper waters or perfecting the art of trolling. Crafted from top-tier Japanese HMPE fibers, this eight-carrier braid combines premium quality with a smooth, round profile, ideal for achieving optimal casting distance and unmatched strength.

What sets this braid apart is its ingenious color-metered design, marking intervals at 10-yard depths and 1-yard increments using yellow and black indicators. This meticulous color scheme provides a visual depth measurement guide, ensuring precise positioning of your bait or lure at the desired depth, be it jigging for Kingfish, bottom bashing for coral trout, or trolling for mackerel.

Key Features:

Color-Metered Braid: Offers 10-yard and 1-yard interval markers for accurate depth measurement, enhancing fishing precision.
Eight-Carrier Construction: Made from high-quality Japanese HMPE fibers, ensuring strength and durability for diverse fishing scenarios.
Round Profile Design: Achieved through a tight weave pattern, resulting in a robust yet smooth line that excels in casting and strength.
Excellent Casting Distance: Delivers exceptional casting distance while ensuring neat line lay on your spool for enhanced knot tying.
Enhanced Strength: Utilizes new-generation Japanese raw materials, providing a 20% increase in strength compared to standard PE braids.

Model: D:8 Braid 300yd - Depthfinder
Code: [Model Codes Provided]
Diameter Range:
300yd - Depthfinder 20lb: 0.23mm
300yd - Depthfinder 30lb: 0.26mm
300yd - Depthfinder 50lb: 0.34mm
300yd - Depthfinder 80lb: 0.46mm

Rovex D:8 Depth Finder Braid is the ultimate companion for anglers seeking precision in their fishing endeavors, offering strength, accuracy, and performance across a range of fishing techniques and depths.

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