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Salvimar Freediving Watch Black

The Salvimar Freedive Watch is the ultimate companion for your freediving adventures, packed with an array of features to elevate your diving experience and ensure accurate tracking of crucial metrics.

Key Features:

Depth Gauge up to 100 Metres: Providing precise depth measurements up to 100 meters, this watch keeps you informed about your depth during your freedive, enhancing safety and performance.

Comprehensive Time Tracking: Logs surface time and diving time, allowing for meticulous monitoring and analysis of your dive durations.

Water Temperature Monitoring: Offers real-time water temperature readings, keeping you informed about the conditions you're diving in, enhancing comfort and awareness.

Advanced Depth Sensor: The watch features a new depth sensor that provides lightning-fast and accurate depth readings, updating at intervals of every 0.5 milliseconds for superior precision.

Dive Data Storage: Stores diving data, including intermediate depths, allowing you to review and analyze your performance post-dive.

Customizable Alarms: Set alarms for maximum diving depth and time, ensuring you stay within your safety limits during your dives.

Enhanced Strap Design: Designed with a larger strap for better adaptability, ensuring a secure fit and comfort during your dives.

Optimized Battery Life: Maximizes battery life by automatically stopping non-essential functions while you're in dive mode, ensuring you get the most out of your device.

Experience the next level of freediving with the Salvimar Freedive Watch, a reliable and feature-packed tool designed to provide accurate data, safety, and enhanced performance for every breath hold dive.

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