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Salvimar Neo Mask Black

Salvimar Neo Dive Mask: Precision Vision for Freediving & Spearfishing

Explore the depths with clarity and precision using the Salvimar Neo Dive Mask, meticulously crafted to enhance your underwater experience.

Enhanced Vision and Comfort:

Single Lens Design: Reduced internal volume brings the mask closer to your face, facilitating easy clearing and providing an expansive field of vision for improved focus and environmental awareness.

3D Nose Pocket: Ergonomically designed for effortless equalization, ensuring comfort and convenience during your dives.

Tailored for Performance:

Ideal for Freediving & Spearfishing: Perfect for these pursuits, the mask features a soft-touch matte anti-reflective silicone skirt with a double feathered edge, ensuring a superior seal.

Superior Seal and Adjustability: The split strap assembly, combined with micrometric quick-adjust push-button buckles, offers a secure, customizable fit, even while wearing the mask.

Premium Construction for Clarity:

Tempered Glass Lens: CE approved for exceptional vision, durability, and safety during underwater exploration.

Matte Finish Interior: Minimizes reflections for improved visibility, ensuring an uninterrupted view of your aquatic environment.

Lightweight and Protective:

Anatomically Designed: Weighing only 168 grams / 5.92oz, this mask boasts an impressively lightweight design for prolonged comfort underwater.

Protective Mask Box: Comes with its protective mask box for safe storage and added convenience during travel.

Unveil Precision Underwater:

Designed for optimal performance and comfort, the Salvimar Neo Dive Mask is your companion for freediving and spearfishing adventures, offering precision vision and superior comfort.

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