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Scientific Angler Sonar Titan Tropical / Jungle Clear Tip

Scientific Anglers SONAR Titan Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line: Stealthy Precision in Tropical Waters

Don't let the heat deter your stealth game — embrace the power and finesse of the Scientific Anglers SONAR Titan Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line. Combining the advantages of the renowned Titan taper with a 15' clear intermediate sinking head, this fly line is crafted for those moments when precision and subtlety are crucial in the tropical heat.

Key Features:

Titan Taper Advantage: Enjoy all the benefits of Scientific Anglers' Titan taper, including easy loading and effortless turnover. This taper is designed for quick loading and delivery of large flies to distant targets, making it an excellent choice for streamers and poppers.

15' Clear Tip: Elevate your stealth game with the 15' clear tip that ensures subtle and discreet presentations. Perfect for situations where your quarry has eyes the size of dinner plates, every bit of stealth helps to fool wary fish.

Excellent Turnover: The short, powerful head of the SONAR Titan Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line ensures excellent turnover, allowing you to cast with precision and accuracy in tropical conditions.

Slow Sink Rate: With a slow sink rate of 1.25 inches per second (ips), this line gets your flies just below the surface, making it ideal for enticing strikes from fish lurking in the depths.

Tropi-Core Technology: Engineered with Tropi-Core technology, this fly line is specifically designed to excel in tropical climates. It maintains its performance and integrity even in the challenging conditions of warm waters.

Technical Specifications:

Sink Rate: 1.25 ips (Intermediate)

Embrace the challenge of tropical fly fishing with confidence, armed with the Scientific Anglers SONAR Titan Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line. Achieve stealthy presentations, load quickly, and deliver your flies with precision. Order now and experience a new level of finesse in tropical waters.

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