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Shimano Bantam 150hga Baitcaster Reel

Shimano Bantam: Unmatched Strength and Performance in a Low-Profile Baitcaster
Shimano's Bantam lineage began 40 years ago with the release of its first baitcaster, setting the standard for durable and high-performance casting reels. The new Bantam continues this legacy by combining cutting-edge Shimano JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) design and technology to redefine strength and performance in low-profile baitcaster reels.

Innovative Construction:
Core Solid Body Design: A groundbreaking feature that integrates the B-side, frame, and level wind guard into a single aluminum piece, ensuring unparalleled strength. This full aluminum construction offers the solidity of a round casting reel with the comfort and ergonomics of a low-profile reel.
Enhanced Casting Efficiency:
MGL III Spool: Reduces spool inertia, significantly enhancing casting distance. Its larger yet narrower design also boosts the efficiency of the SVS Infinity casting control.
Internal Advancements:
Infinity Drive Reel Technology: Marks the first implementation in a low-profile baitcaster, delivering unmatched durability for prolonged performance.
Micro Module Gearing: Ensures precise gear alignment, resulting in smoother winding and operation.
Drag Performance:
Cross Carbon Drag: Leverages Shimano's legendary technology to provide superior drag pressure and performance without compromising on drag inertia.
Technical Specifications (BANTAM150HGA):
Gear Ratio: 7.1
Bearings: 5
Weight: 220g
Retrieve Per Crank: 78cm
Maximum Drag: 4.2kg

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