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Shimano Grappler Braided Fishing Line Multi Colour 300m

Shimano's Grappler series has long stood as a beacon of quality and robustness, and the new Grappler PE 8 carrier braid is a testament to this legacy. Crafted from 8 high-end IZANAS fibers, this multi-color PE braid isn't just another line—it's a commitment to excellence.

Featuring Shimano's exclusive Heat Sink technology, this braid goes the extra mile by dispersing heat across the coating, safeguarding the line during those intense, drawn-out battles. The VT Construction Method is a game-changer, ensuring these fine braid fibers are meticulously woven at all angles under high tension. The result? A smoother finish and reduced diameter, enhancing casting and jigging experiences across PE 0.8 to PE 8.0.


Model Code Color Length (m) Diameter (mm) Strength (lbs)
GRE300-0.8 Multi 300 0.1 16.8
GRE300-1.0 Multi 300 0.13 20.1
GRE300-1.2 Multi 300 0.16 24.7
GRE300-1.5 Multi 300 0.19 30
GRE300-2 Multi 300 0.2 38.6
GRE300-3 Multi 300 0.23 59.5
GRE300-4 Multi 300 0.28 73.6
GRE300-5 Multi 300 0.315 89.7
GRE300-6 Multi 300 0.35 99

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