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Shimano Grappler 300hg Low Profile Jigging Reel

Shimano Grappler Light Jigging Reel: Power and Precision in Compact Design

Expanding the highly acclaimed Grappler range, Shimano introduces the dedicated light jigging reel, a compact 300 size crafted for optimal control and performance during jigging maneuvers. Designed to fit snugly in your palm, this reel's compactness plays a vital role in maintaining control while working a jig and managing your line.

Key Features:

Micro Module Gear and X-Ship System: Delivers super smooth winding, ensuring seamless operation during intense fishing sessions.
Aluminium Hagane Body: Rigid construction under load ensures confidence in handling demanding fishing scenarios, offering durability and stability.
Impressive Drag Power: Capable of outputting up to 7kg of drag, this reel provides the muscle to turn a fish's head, empowering anglers during intense battles.
High Gear Ratio (6.2:1): Ideal for micro jigs of varying styles and versatile enough for bottom fishing with baits in deeper waters.
Enhanced Handling and Control:

Specially designed handle with a CI4+ power knob offers improved leverage and control, granting anglers an advantage in fish fights.
Perfect Pairings within Shimano Rod Range:

Ideal matches include models from the Grappler BB range (21GRPBBSJB662, 21GRPBBSJB662), Jewel series (21JL6101BUKU, 21JL661SLOW), and Maikuro II (20MK662OHSJ), complementing the reel's performance and characteristics.
Advanced Technology and Durability:

10-year warranty signifies the enduring quality built to last.
HAGANE body ensures rigidity and impact resistance, eliminating flex during intense battles.
X-Ship technology enhances casting distance and longevity.
Micromodule gear ensures a smoother operation.
Shielded ARB bearings reduce damage from salt and sand.
Super free spool reduces friction for smoother casting.
SVS braking ensures consistent spool control and brake force.
High crank power rating amplifies the reel's capability.
The Shimano Grappler Light Jigging Reel stands as a testament to power, precision, and durability, offering anglers a compact yet robust tool crafted to excel in demanding fishing scenarios, empowering them to conquer challenges with confidence.

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