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Shimano Plays 4000 Electric Reel

Plays 4000 Electric Overhead Reel

The Plays series offers all the features of Shimano's Electric Power Assisted reels but in a compact overhead size for ease of operation. It presents a standard vertical retrieve using the power dial or automatic jigging mode, making it versatile for fishing both baits and jigs. The reel is equipped with a fine dot LCD screen that ensures a clear display, enabling anglers to accurately track the positioning of their bait or lure in the water column, relative to the target species on the sounder. Additionally, it features S A-RB technology for enhanced durability.


Model: Plays 4000
Gear Ratio: 3.2
Max Drag: 15
Weight: 1270g
Line Capacity: 5-600, 6-500, 8-300, 10-270
Retrieve Per Crank: 68cm
Max Power: 75
Bearings: 2/0
This compact overhead reel provides power and versatility, suitable for various fishing techniques and scenarios.

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