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Shimano Sephia Flash Boost 2.5 Squid Jig Lure

Elevate Your Squid Jigging with Shimano's Sephia FLASH BOOST Egi Range

Unleash the next level of innovation in squid jigging with Shimano's Sephia FLASH BOOST Egi range, featuring the revolutionary FLASH BOOST technology. This cutting-edge advancement introduces an internal panel with continuous shimmer, creating an irresistible allure for squid throughout the water column. Let's delve into the key features that make the Sephia FLASH BOOST Egi range a game-changer in the realm of squid fishing.

Key Features:

Market-Leading FLASH BOOST Technology:

The Sephia FLASH BOOST Egi range integrates Shimano's market-leading FLASH BOOST technology. This innovative system introduces an internal panel within the jig that shimmers continuously, harnessing light and UV rays to create an enticing visual display for squid.
Continuous Movement with Reflective Mirror:

A reflective mirror, suspended by micro springs, is at the core of the FLASH BOOST system. This mirror is designed to move continuously within the body of the jig. The continuous movement is not only visually captivating but also serves a crucial purpose in attracting squid throughout the water column.
Kinetic Energy-Powered Movement:

The movement of the reflective mirror is powered by kinetic energy. This means that the mirror moves in response to the natural motions and pauses of the jig during retrieval. The kinetic energy-driven movement is particularly effective when the jig is paused, creating a lifelike and captivating display that entices squid strikes.
Effective During Pauses:

Squid are known to be visual hunters, and they are most likely to strike during pauses in the jig's retrieval. The continuous shimmer and movement of the reflective mirror, especially when the jig is stationary, make the Sephia FLASH BOOST Egi range highly effective in triggering strikes during critical moments.
Utilizing Light and UV Rays:

FLASH BOOST utilizes light and UV rays to enhance the visual appeal of the jig. This technology capitalizes on the squid's sensitivity to light and movement, making the jig more conspicuous and attractive in varying fishing conditions.
Patented System for Optimal Performance:

The FLASH BOOST system is a patented technology, underscoring its uniqueness and exclusivity within the Sephia Egi range. This patented design reflects Shimano's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in squid jigging.

In conclusion, the Sephia FLASH BOOST Egi range by Shimano introduces a new dimension of effectiveness and allure to squid jigging. By combining continuous shimmer, kinetic energy-powered movement, and the utilization of light and UV rays, this range is engineered to excel in enticing squid strikes, especially during pauses in retrieval. Experience the cutting-edge technology and proven performance of Shimano's Sephia FLASH BOOST Egi range in your pursuit of squid on the water.

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