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Shimano Stella Fk Spinning Reel

The Shimano Stella series stands as a testament to the rich legacy of Shimano's industry-leading design and manufacturing technologies. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, each Stella model brings new advancements to the world of fishing.

Infinity Cross Technology: Achieving unparalleled gear durability, Stella reels incorporate an innovative drive and pinion gear design, enhancing surface area contact and meshing to ensure long-lasting performance.

Infinity Loop: Experience precise line winding patterns that significantly reduce friction as your line leaves the spool. This results in exceptional casting performance that anglers dream of.

Infinity Drive: Thanks to Infinity Drive, you can enjoy a drastic reduction in frictional resistance, boosting power transmission and torque during retrieval, especially under heavy loads.

Anti-Twist Fin: To maintain consistent line tension and prevent uneven spool wrapping, an Anti-Twist Fin is strategically placed near the line roller, ensuring smooth operation.

Dura Cross Drag Washer: A groundbreaking drag washer design, Dura Cross, brings a substantial increase in durability while delivering smooth, consistent drag performance.

In addition to these cutting-edge technologies, every Stella model boasts a host of features:

Cold Forged Hagane Gear: Providing unmatched durability, ensuring your Stella reel can withstand the test of time.

Micromodule II Gearing: Experience exceptionally smooth transmission and effortless winding, enhancing your overall fishing experience.

Silent Drive: Enjoy a quiet and efficient operation, so you can focus on the excitement of the catch without distractions.

X-Ship: Enhance your fishing prowess with this technology, delivering improved gear durability, power, and precision.

X Protect Water Resistant Technology: Ensuring top-notch on-water performance, Stella reels are equipped to handle various weather conditions.

Long Stroke Spool Design: Maximizing your casting performance, you can trust that each Stella model is engineered to deliver on the water.

Discover the Shimano Stella series, where a rich history of innovation meets cutting-edge design and technology. No matter which Stella model you choose, you're investing in a fishing reel that's built to exceed your expectations and redefine your angling adventures. Experience the legacy of excellence with Stella – it's more than a reel; it's a fishing companion you can rely on.

Choose your ideal Stella model:

STL1000FK: Gear Ratio 5.1, Weight 165g, Line Capacity 0.8-240, 1-190, Max Drag 10-95, 15-75, 20-65, Retrieve Per Crank 64cm, Handle Length 40mm.

STL2500HGFK: Gear Ratio 5.8, Weight 210g, Line Capacity 1-320, 1.2-270, 1.5-220, Max Drag 10-150, 15-145, 30-100, Retrieve Per Crank 86cm, Handle Length 55mm.

STLC3000XGFK: Gear Ratio 6.4, Weight 210g, Line Capacity 1-400, 1.5-270, 2-200, Max Drag 10-200, 20-140, 40-105, Retrieve Per Crank 94cm, Handle Length 55mm.

STL4000XGFK: Gear Ratio 6.2, Weight 260g, Line Capacity 1-490, 1.5-320, 2-240, Max Drag 15-230, 30-180, 50-120, Retrieve Per Crank 101cm, Handle Length 57mm.

STLC5000XGFK: Gear Ratio 6.2, Weight 260g, Line Capacity 1.5-400, 2-300, 3-200, Max Drag 20-260, 30-235, 40-185, Retrieve Per Crank 101cm, Handle Length 57mm.

Elevate your angling experience with Stella – where performance, durability, and innovation combine to redefine your fishing adventures.

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