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Shimano Tld 2 Speed Overhead Reel

Shimano TLD Two Speed Reels: Reliability Meets Lightweight Power

Shimano's TLD range of two-speed reels has long held the reputation of being the top choice for anglers seeking a blend of reliability and reduced weight from a graphite-framed overhead. These reels are equipped with a lower gear option, essential for outwitting the most resilient and determined game fish. Shimano's unwavering commitment to pioneering research and development ensures that anglers can trust TLD two-speed reels when connected to the game fish of a lifetime.

Key Features:

Graphite Frame: The use of a graphite frame ensures reduced weight without compromising durability, making it an ideal choice for extended fishing sessions.
Two-Speed Options: The TLD two-speed reels feature gear ratios of 4.0:1 and 1.7:1, providing versatility to handle both standard and challenging fish fights.
A-RB Anti-Rust Bearings: Equipped with 4 A-RB anti-rust bearings, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.
Maximum Drag: Boasting a maximum drag of 15kg, with a maximum strike drag of 11kg, these reels offer the power needed to tackle big pelagic and game fish.
Line Capacity: Capable of handling 18kg/411m monofilament and 50/1210 braid capacity, meeting the demands of modern angling trends.
Ergonomic Power Grip: Featuring an offset ergonomic power grip for comfortable use during extended fishing sessions.
Aluminium Spool: Designed with an aluminium spool for enhanced durability and casting performance.

Technical Specifications:

Retrieve Ratio Range: 4.0:1 / 1.7:1 (94cm / 41cm per crank)
Line Capacity: 18kg/411m
Weight: 1063g
Ideal For: Targeting big pelagics and game fish such as Tuna
Versatile and Lightweight:

The TLD Two-Speed 30A offers anglers the perfect balance of power and lightweight design. With a blend of cutting-edge features and Shimano's commitment to excellence, this reel is ready to tackle Australia's most notorious game species, providing the reliability and performance needed for unforgettable angling experiences.

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