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Shimano Twinpower Fe Spinning Reel



Immerse yourself in the world of precision engineering and unparalleled performance with the Shimano Twin Power FD series. These reels embody the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and refined craftsmanship, setting the standard for finesse and power in the angling world. Engineered with a relentless focus on durability and smoothness, the Twin Power FD reels boast an exceptionally lightweight design that doesn't compromise on strength.

At the heart of these reels lies the Hagane Gear system, Shimano's renowned cold-forged gear technology, ensuring unrivaled robustness and unwavering reliability with every rotation. Enhanced by the X-Ship system, these reels deliver exceptional gear efficiency, optimizing power transmission and ensuring flawless gear engagement even under heavy loads.

The series showcases Shimano's commitment to innovation with features like Silent Drive and MicroModule Gear II, which reduce internal friction for whisper-quiet operation and unmatched gear precision. This level of refinement extends to the long-lasting X-Protect water-resistant technology, safeguarding the reel from the elements while maintaining its silky-smooth performance.

The Shimano Twin Power FD series is available in various sizes, from the versatile 1000 to the robust 5000, catering to the needs of discerning anglers pursuing everything from finesse freshwater species to challenging inshore and offshore targets. Elevate your fishing experience with the precision, strength, and reliability of the Shimano Twin Power FD spinning reels.

Fishing Reel Specifications
Model Type Drag (kg/m) Line Capacity (Mono) Max Drag (kg) Gear Ratio Line Retrieve (cm) Bearings Weight (g)
2500 Spinning Reel 3/180 10lb/150yd 9 5.3:1 78 9+1 210
C3000 XG Spinning Reel 4/150 10lb/200yd 9 6.4:1 94 9+1 215
4000 XG Spinning Reel 6/160 15lb/230yds 11 6.2:1 101 9+1 260
C5000 XG Spinning Reel 6/200 20lb/260yds 11 6.2:1 101 9+1 260

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