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Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed Overhead Reel

Shimano Tyrnos II Reels: Power and Versatility in Tough Reels

The Tyrnos II reels by Shimano boast a range of impressive features designed for durability and power. With a push-button gearshift, solid die-cast aluminium frame, and oversized stainless steel gearing, these reels are built tough. Adding a two-speed gear shifting capability enhances their versatility, allowing for quick trolling pattern clearing or powerful fish-moving capability when in low gear. The one-piece cold forged frame, lightweight spool, twin pawl anti-reverse mechanisms, and oversized High Efficiency Gearing contribute to the incredible cranking power, making these aluminium reels ideal for light to medium tackle applications.

Key Features:

Push-Button Gearshift: Facilitates easy gear shifting for various fishing techniques.
Solid Die-Cast Aluminium Frame: Provides a sturdy foundation for durability in challenging conditions.
Oversized Stainless Steel Gearing: Ensures robustness and efficient power transmission.
Two-Speed Gear Shifting: Offers the flexibility of high-speed retrieval or immense fish-moving power in low gear.
One-Piece Cold Forged Frame: Enhances durability without compromising weight.
Twin Pawl Anti-Reverse Mechanisms: Ensures reliable hooksets and control during retrieval.

Technical Specifications:


Gear Ratio: 5
Bearings: 15
Weight: 1160g
Max Drag: 115
Reel Size: 4/0


Gear Ratio: 4
Bearings: 19
Weight: 1628g
Max Drag: 111
Reel Size: 4/0

The Shimano Tyrnos II reels combine durability, power, and a range of features designed to cater to anglers in light to medium tackle scenarios. With their tough construction, enhanced gearing options, and impressive cranking power, these reels offer versatility and reliability for various fishing techniques.

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