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Enhance Your Fly Tying with Snowrunner (Nayat) Hair

Snowrunner (also known as Nayat) hair is a remarkable fly tying material that can elevate your big fly patterns for various species. With its unique characteristics and versatility, Snowrunner hair has become a favorite among fly tiers looking to create effective and attractive flies.

Key Features:

Translucent and Durable: Snowrunner hair is semi-translucent, adding a lifelike and appealing quality to your fly patterns. It's an excellent choice for creating wing materials for big flies, such as Steelhead flies, Chinook salmon flies, and saltwater baitfish patterns. The hair retains its volume in the water, making it highly effective.

Length Variation: Snowrunner hair varies in length, ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches. This variation allows you to select the right length for your specific fly tying needs.

Cost-Effective: Snowrunner hair offers a cost-effective solution for tying wings on your large flies. A single patch can provide enough material for numerous wings, making it an economical choice.

Custom-Dyed Colors: Snowrunner hair is available in a brilliant range of custom-dyed colors. This variety allows you to match the hatch, create custom patterns, or experiment with different color combinations to entice fish.

Texture and Volume: The hair has a slight crinkle and texture that helps the wing maintain its volume in the water. It provides a natural, lifelike movement that fish find irresistible.

Brush-Making: Snowrunner hair is excellent for creating your own brushes, particularly for making hollow baitfish bodies. These brushes maintain their shape and volume in the water while slimming down in the air for easy casting. This feature has expanded the possibilities for fly sizes that can be cast effectively.

Under Fur and Dubbing: Snowrunner hair's under-fur and shorter guard hair can be combed out to create high-quality dubbing, adding versatility to your fly tying materials.

Snowrunner (Nayat) hair is sourced from a specific breed of farm animal and has unique characteristics that set it apart from other materials. Its semi-translucent quality, texture, and range of colors make it an excellent choice for various fly patterns. Whether you're tying big tarpon flies, Steelhead patterns, or baitfish imitations, Snowrunner hair can help you create flies that attract and hook fish effectively. Choose from "long" or "short" patches to suit your specific tying needs and enjoy the benefits of this exceptional material in your fly tying endeavors.

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