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The in-line 360° rotary action vise described is a high-quality fly tying vise designed for precision and versatility. Here are its key features and benefits:

1. In-Line 360° Rotary Action: This vise offers a 360° rotary action, allowing you to easily rotate your fly while tying. This feature is essential for achieving precise and intricate fly patterns.

2. Stainless Steel Shaft: The vise's stainless steel shaft is equipped with two precision ball bearings. This ensures smooth and consistent rotation, making it effortless to work on your flies.

3. Hook Rotation: The shank of the hook can also rotate on its axis, thanks to the adjustable shaft. This feature enables you to access all angles of your fly for detailed tying.

4. Pedestal Base: The vise is mounted on a sturdy pedestal base, providing stability during tying. The base also includes an integrated tool rack, allowing you to keep your essential fly tying tools organized and within reach.

5. Magnifying Glass Connection: The base has a connection for a magnifying glass (item 642, not included), which can be a valuable addition for tying small or intricate patterns.

6. Interchangeable Jaws: The vise comes with interchangeable jaws, allowing you to accommodate a wide range of hook sizes and styles.

7. Hook Locking Mechanism: A "super soft" lever device is used for hook locking, ensuring a secure hold without damaging delicate hooks.

8. Adjustable Rotary Tension: You can adjust the rotary tension to suit your tying preferences, making it easy to rotate the vise precisely.

9. Locking Position: The vise can be locked at any angle, allowing you to work comfortably from various positions.

10. Adjustable Height: The height of the vise is adjustable, ensuring that you can tie flies at an ergonomic and comfortable level.

11. Reversible for Left-Handed Tying: This vise is reversible, making it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed fly tyers.

12. Included Accessories: The vise comes with various accessories, including a rounded shape bobbin cradle, parachute plier, adjustable spring material clip, pivot thread cradle, allen keys, and an instruction manual.

In summary, this in-line 360° rotary action vise offers precision, durability, and versatility for fly tying. It includes essential features for comfortable and efficient tying and provides various accessories to enhance your fly tying experience.

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