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Tfo Axiom Ii-x Fly Rod With Rod Tube

TFO Axiom II-X: Unleash Precision and Power for the Ultimate Cast

For the intermediate to advanced fly angler with a thirst for maximizing accuracy at distance, the TFO Axiom II-X stands as the pinnacle of performance. Built upon the fast action legacy of the TiCrX, this rod elevates the game using TFO's highest modulus material and cutting-edge Axiom technology. The Axiom II-X is designed to redefine long-distance casting with its unique blend of power, tracking, and recovery, making it the ultimate fishing tool for that one perfect long cast.

Key Features:

Axiom Technology:

TFO's patented and exclusive Axiom technology embeds a double-helix of Kevlar within the blank, providing superior tensile strength.
The double-helix of Kevlar buttresses the rod's carbon fiber matrix in compression, resulting in faster and smoother stabilization, shock absorption, and tolerance for over-loading.
Virtually eliminates the ability to over power the rod, ensuring a crisp and powerful response during casting.

High-Performance Construction:

Constructed with high modulus carbon fiber material for exceptional strength and sensitivity.
Embedded double-helix of Kevlar enhances the rod's overall performance.
Satin sky blue finish for a sleek and stylish appearance.

Premium Components:

Premium quality cork handles with burl accents for comfort and aesthetics.
Anodized aluminum up-locking reel seats with carbon fiber inserts for durability and a touch of sophistication.
Alignment dots color-coded by line weight for easy setup.
RECOIL guides by REC and ultra-lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless-steel snake guides for smooth line movement.

Packaged for Success:

All Axiom II-X rods come with a labeled rod sock and rod tube for secure storage and transportation.

Models Available:

Axiom II-X (5wt): Perfect finesse and accuracy for freshwater pursuits.
Axiom II-X (8wt): Powerful tool for tackling larger species in both saltwater and freshwater.
Axiom II-X (10wt): Unleash the full force for long-distance casting in big-game scenarios.

No-Fault Lifetime Warranty:

Backed by TFO's no-fault lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind for a lifetime of trophy pursuits.

Elevate your casting experience to new heights with the TFO Axiom II-X. Order now and witness the perfect blend of precision, power, and efficiency, backed by a lifetime warranty.

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