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Venom V-pop 190mm 152g Popper Lure

Venom V-Pop: Mastering Durability and Versatility for Explosive Surface Action

At the core of the Venom V-Pop's exceptional performance lies its remarkable durability, meticulously crafted from tough ABS plastic with innovative design elements. Let's delve into the key features that make the V-Pop a formidable surface lure, offering strength, versatility, and the ability to entice explosive strikes from a variety of predatory species.

Key Features:

Ultra-Tough ABS Construction:

The V-Pop boasts an incredibly tough ABS plastic construction, setting it apart from conventional lures.
Designed for durability, the ABS body ensures the V-Pop can withstand the aggressive strikes of powerful predators.

Thicker Walls and Internal Rib System:

Each V-Pop model is engineered with thicker walls and an ingenious internal rib system, enhancing the overall strength and robustness of the lure.
The thoughtful design elements contribute to the lure's ability to endure the rigors of intense surface fishing.

Through Wire Construction:

To further fortify its durability, the V-Pop incorporates a through-wire construction, making it virtually bomb-proof.
The through-wire design ensures the structural integrity of the lure, withstanding the challenges posed by hard-fighting fish.

Strategically Located Ball Bearings:

The designers strategically placed ball bearings towards the rear in the body cavities, offering unlimited casting potential.
This strategic placement also positions the V-Pop perfectly in the water when fishing, enhancing its effectiveness in triggering strikes.

Optimal Water Positioning:

The V-Pop is designed to "hang" in the water when worked hard, preventing it from pulling out and cartwheeling excessively during pops.
This feature ensures ease of use for extended periods, allowing anglers to experience the adrenaline rush of massive surface strikes.

Effortless and Distinctive Popping Action:

The V-Pop requires minimal effort from the angler to achieve a disturbingly large pop, making it easy to use for extended fishing sessions.
Its aggressive popping action is particularly effective in enticing GT, mackerel, dogtooth tuna, queenfish, kingfish, and coral trout.

Versatility in Pop Size:

During development, it was discovered that each size of the V-Pop can be worked with subtlety, creating smaller bloops and less disturbance.
This versatility opens up the V-Pop to a wide range of species, including jobfish, red bass, Australian salmon, tailor, and rat kings found along coastlines.

The Venom V-Pop stands as a testament to meticulous design and engineering, offering anglers a surface lure that not only endures the toughest conditions but also delivers an exhilarating fishing experience. Whether you seek explosive strikes from aggressive predators or a more subtle approach for various species, the V-Pop excels in both performance and versatility. Elevate your surface fishing game with the Venom V-Pop and embrace the thrill of surface strikes like never before.

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