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Venom V-swim 150mm 85g Sinking Stickbait Lure

Venom V-Swim: Conquering Reefs with Irresistible Action

The Venom V-Swim emerges as a formidable weapon in the angler's arsenal, specifically engineered to conquer the challenges of reef fishing. With an emphasis on casting distance, durability, and an irresistible wounded baitfish action, the V-Swim is designed to entice the most brutal reef thugs. Let's delve into the key features that set the V-Swim apart and make it a go-to lure for targeting a variety of predatory species.

Key Features:

Weighted Tail for Casting Distance:

The V-Swim incorporates a weighted tail, enhancing casting distance for anglers looking to cover expansive reef areas effectively.
The weighted design ensures precise and targeted casting, reaching the vicinity of predatory reef species.
Ultra-Tough Body Construction:

Engineered to handle the rigors of aggressive reef-dwelling predators, the V-Swim boasts an ultra-tough body construction.
Thicker external walls, through-wire construction, and an ingenious internal body rib system contribute to the lure's unparalleled strength.
Strategic Bearing Placement:

The placement of bearings within specific cavities ensures perfect balance during retrieves, allowing for an optimal and enticing swimming action.
The balance achieved with this strategic placement enhances the V-Swim's overall performance, making it irresistible to predators.
Versatile Swimming Action:

On the retrieve, the V-Swim exhibits an incredible side-to-side sway, mimicking the movement of a wounded baitfish.
The classic rod sweep retrieve produces a broader sway, while a straight retrieve results in a tighter, more controlled motion.
Sub-Surface Trolling Capabilities:

Designed to be trolled at speeds of up to 8 knots, the V-Swim serves as an effective sub-surface trolling lure.
Anglers can utilize trolling techniques to cover larger areas while actively searching for new fishing grounds or bait schools.
Targeted Species and Applications:

Ideal for targeting coral reef species such as coral trout, trevally, mackerel, and dogtooth tuna.
Also effective for southern species, including bluefin tuna, longtail tuna, and kingfish.\

The Venom V-Swim stands as a testament to precision engineering, combining strength, versatility, and a lifelike swimming action to entice predators in reef environments. Whether you're casting to coral structures or employing trolling techniques, the V-Swim is crafted to deliver outstanding results in the pursuit of predatory reef species. Elevate your reef fishing experience with the Venom V-Swim, where durability meets irresistible allure.

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