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Zerek Live Swimbait 8" Soft Plastic Swimbait Lure

Zerek Live Swimbait: Next-Level Live Mullet Emulation for Versatile Fishing

The Zerek Live Swimbait elevates the renowned live mullet body profile, utilizing the successful concept introduced by the widely acclaimed live shrimp. Designed to emulate the natural movements of prey, this swimbait is crafted for triggering strikes from predatory fish. With a focus on strength, freedom of movement, and versatility, the Live Swimbait features a segmented TPE (thermoplastic) body held together with Kevlar webbing.

Key Features:

Emulation of Natural Prey Movements: The primary goal of the Zerek Live Swimbait is to closely emulate the natural movements of prey, enticing reactive strikes from predatory fish. This is achieved through the innovative design of a segmented TPE body that mimics the lifelike swimming patterns of actual prey.

Segmented TPE Body with Kevlar Webbing: The swimbait's body is constructed from segmented TPE material, offering a balance of flexibility and durability. Kevlar webbing is integrated to provide strength and unparalleled freedom of movement. This combination ensures the bait's resilience and enhances its realistic swimming action.

One-Piece Wire Frame: Concealed within the main body section is a one-piece wire frame that connects the tow point to the hook hanger. This design adds strength to the swimbait, meeting the demands of modern anglers for robust lures that can handle aggressive strikes.

Multiple Hangers: The one-piece wire frame includes additional hangers for versatility. Top hangers consist of a front tow point that can also serve as a spinnerbait arm attachment location and a rear hanger for a top-placed hook or spinning blade. Underneath, there is a hanger for chin weights and a traditional hook hanger, offering multiple configurations.

Versatile Configuration Options: Anglers have the flexibility to experiment with various configurations based on their preferences and fishing conditions. The design allows for the attachment of spinnerbait arms, multiple hooks, spinning blades, and chin weights. The options are virtually unlimited, catering to the angler's imagination.

Straight Retrieve Workability: The Zerek Live Swimbait is easily workable with a straight retrieve, providing a straightforward presentation method. Anglers can cover different depths and areas effectively, making it suitable for a range of fishing scenarios.

Life-Like 3D Eyes and Detailed Finishes: The swimbait is equipped with realistic 3D eyes and detailed finishes. These features contribute to the overall visual appeal of the lure, closely resembling the eyes of real forage species. The attention to detail enhances the bait's realism.

Weight and Length Specifications: The Zerek Live Swimbait is available in a 70g weight and 200mm length. It is designed as a sinking swimbait, allowing anglers to target specific depths in freshwater. The bait sinks at the rate of 1 foot per second, providing versatility in presentation.

Versatile Depth Fishing: The swimbait is designed to sink in freshwater at the rate of 1 foot per second, enabling anglers to target suspending fish, thermoclines, or bait schools. The addition of a chin weight expands the bait's capabilities, allowing it to fish at different depths and troll effectively.

Available in Various Colors: The Zerek Live Swimbait is available in 12 colors, catering to the angler's preferences and providing options for different fishing scenarios.

The Zerek Live Swimbait represents a significant advancement in the emulation of live mullet, offering strength, versatility, and realistic swimming action. Anglers targeting a variety of species, including Barra, Murray Cod, Mulloway, and more, can benefit from this swimbait's innovative design and configuration options. With its ability to sink at a controlled rate and the flexibility to adapt to different depths, the Zerek Live Swimbait stands out as a valuable addition to the tackle kit.


Weight: 70g
Length: 200mm
Type: Sinking Swimbait
Material: TPE and Kevlar
Rigging: Quality Treble
Configuration: Multiple hangers for different configurations
The Zerek Live Swimbait is engineered to offer anglers a versatile and effective tool for pursuing success in various fishing scenarios.

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