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Zerek Tango Shad 50mm 1.6 Suspending Hard Body Lure

Unleash the Power of the Tango Shad: The Ultimate Tournament-Winning Lure

The Tango Shad isn't just another fishing lure; it's a tournament-winning champion that comes to life in the hands of skilled anglers. With its exceptional design and versatile performance, this lure is a magnet for a wide range of freshwater and estuarine species, from flatheads and trout to bream and redfin.

Versatile Performance:

Tight Shimmy Action: Whether you're trolling or casting, the Tango Shad delivers a tight shimmy action that mimics the movements of natural prey, enticing even the most selective fish to strike.

Wide Variety of Colors: Available in an extensive range of colors, the Tango Shad caters to diverse fishing situations. Choose from UV-enhanced hues and natural color patterns to match the prevailing conditions and target species.

Trusted Features:

Chemically Sharpened Hooks: Equipped with chemically sharpened black nickel hooks, this lure ensures secure hookups and reliable performance, even in the most challenging fishing scenarios.
Proven Performance:

Tournament Winning: Tried, tested, and proven in tournaments, the Tango Shad has earned its reputation as a top performer on the water. Its ability to consistently deliver results makes it a favorite among competitive anglers worldwide.
Australian Development:

Aussie Innovation: Developed in Australia with a deep understanding of local fishing environments and preferences, the Tango Shad embodies Aussie innovation and expertise. Its design and color selection reflect the diverse aquatic habitats found across Australia.
Perfect for Finesse Presentations:

Suspending Model: The suspending model of the Tango Shad is perfect for finesse presentations, making it ideal for targeting finicky species that demand a more subtle approach.

From its tournament-winning pedigree to its versatile performance and trusted features, the Tango Shad is a must-have lure for any angler seeking success in freshwater and estuarine environments. Tie one on, cast your line, and experience the unmatched allure of the Tango Shad firsthand.

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